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Yibin police picked up the wallet in a taxi at night there are a large number of foreign currency (Figure) – some of the items inside the wallet (Beijing police Figure) purse in foreign currency (police for map) Sichuan news network Yibin news September 19th (reporter Li Chunyu Zhong Weicong He Yanfei) recently, Yibin County of Yibin City, a police taxi at night to go home, the other passengers mistakenly lost wallet in the car. The next day, the police found not to open the wallet and found a large number of foreign currency and other items, the police then contacted the owner according to the items inside the wallet, the wallet back to the owner. The evening of September 14th, Yibin County Public Security Bureau police officers in the evening with friends after a taxi to go home in Yibin. When you get off because of more things to carry, accidentally lost the other passengers in the car with the wallet. The second day early in the morning, when the police officer to pack things up, found a wallet. Open the wallet and found the wallet in addition to officer Chen 980 yuan, and in case of a foreign currency denomination of 10 8 and 100 to 20 thousand different denominations of dozens of foreign currency, and identity cards, bank cards and other card number. Subsequently, Chen police immediately contact with the district police station, found no similar alarm. Officer Chen according to the identity information, made contact with the owner. Originally, houmou work in a Singapore company, September 14th from Singapore to go home to celebrate the festival, family reunion. When taking a taxi to Yibin, due to carry more baggage, accidentally lost his wallet. Hou said that his wallet has about 800000 rupiah, 980 yuan, and some dollars, Thai baht, Singapore dollar, the Malaysia dollar and Macao dollar. Because so much money is lost, it is impossible to retrieve the wallet, so there is no report. In the morning, see Hou officer Chen in the police station, very excited. He said he did not think the lost money will be lost. Hou said thank you very much for officer Chen, because the loss of documents is very important for him on the spot, houmou offered money for officer Chen, Chen officer declined.相关的主题文章: