Wuhan residents along the walls of the long Deanagi Kimieshigeruhashi security risks (Figure) plustek

Wuhan residents along the walls of the building there is a long hidden security risks (Figure) Deanagi Kimieshigeruhashi long in the high-rise building. Reporter Intern Yu Li Tu Cong she Washington (reporter Yu Li Xianghao Teng Intern Tu Cong) recently, who lives in Gutian Road four Dejin dad call the hotline 85777777 morning news broke the news, my neighbor’s 5 floor walls grow a willow tree, the tree growing security risks. Jin Diedie said that the willow on the opposite side of his house, in the 5 to the top of the wall along the top of the layer, has been five or six years. Because the wall edge is not wide, tree growing Oeda Shigeruhashi, very dangerous, he was afraid of the tree fall down and hurt people. Reporters came to the scene, saw the willow roots from the wall along the long out on the 6 floor, there is a small amount of soil along the wall, the tree is about 3 meters high, downstairs is the aisle, many people are afraid to fall off the tree. The reporter knocked on the door of the six floor tenants Ms. chen. She said, this tree when she moved there, now the root of the tree has been improved by the toilet, near the water, she hopes the tree can be cut off as soon as possible. The reporter of this house with the landlord made contact, the landlord said, this tree she did not know how to, she also tried to find someone to deal with, but because of the growth of willow position is very dangerous, so simply saw some trunk. The day before yesterday, the reporter called the Qiaokou District Landscaping team was once captain of the telephone. Captain told reporters, he speculated that the reason why the willow tree can grow in the height of ten meters, it may be the birds brought the seeds. Willow as a kind of tenacious plant, it is easy to grow. The captain had told reporters, to the community gardens bureau approval, the green team as soon as possible after the tree strong, remove hidden danger. Subsequently, the reporter came to the father with Jin Han Jia Dun Jie Gu four community neighborhood committee, the neighborhood of a person in charge of commitment, will find the staff to understand the situation as soon as possible, then find the garden Bureau for examination and approval, cut off the height of the tree.相关的主题文章: