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Special real Singapore night of terror terror – the Sohu at this time of the year Tourism Resorts World Sentosa Singapore will carry out the "Halloween night". This year is the sixth quarter, the size of the sixth quarter will be more than ever before, the same is true of terrorist elements. The opening of the sixth quarter in September 30th, which is starting today. In the media session held in advance, have a taste of the terrorist elements in them, from the beginning of the second scene, go to a half to go, but still have to bite the bullet to go below, because there is no retreat, not to go back. Even go back, retreat is also very scary. This year’s event has more than 400 actors to participate in, divided into the theme of the house of terror, the terror zone and two of the two world tour of death. This year, the new launch of the two house of terror, combined with the local story of Singapore, a stronger sense of reality, I think the most scary. "The old Changi ghost" house of horror from the Singapore a famous ghost story, the old Changi hospital was built in 30s, abandoned 10 years, World War II had Japanese as camp here, with all kinds of cruel means to torture prisoners, prisoners of war are frequently issued howling, and after the end of World War II, many brutal Japanese officers executed here, so with more ghosts. After World War II, it became the hospital again, but there are a lot of people heard the sound of wailing ghost, and the ghost to see the doctor on duty, then gradually spread to nearby residents. Because no one dared to see the doctor, the hospital will also be relocated, abandoned here. The old Changi hospital reputation has become one of the world’s ten largest haunted. "Hawker Center feast" of the story of food is unknown radiation, ate people into zombies, begin to prey on humans… There is a haunted house is also very memorable, is the first in the "Fox Ji inn", super beautiful fox in front of minute engaging hook. From the stage inside, glass group ghost fox emerge gradually exposed beauty prototype, the prey tortured to death, torn limbs. I was the first to go in, and then I did not dare to go, standing there waiting for others to go first. "Halloween night scene" are very terror, every step forward is always on tenterhooks, perhaps what will suddenly jump out of a ghost, a scare you. But the more I think of it, the more I fear. From the hands and feet full of limbs, head of the place through the skin, but also a major test of the spirit. By the time I walked halfway through, I was soaked to the skin. I admire the actors here, in such a scenario, the performance of the tourists to bring a real terrorist experience. The above picture, too horrible and disgusting pictures can not be put up, we still feel it. At the entrance to the main stage of wandering demon fox Ji see inn at the entrance is pretty scary fox Ji played a very beautiful, but also the poster figures across the stage, into the glass room, I was scared though, did not forget to take pictures, very dedicated. It is too dark inside the second scene, the old Changi hospital visitors must pass from their side to 2 Japanese soldiers after the two scene has scared silly, fortunately enough to see the companion to remind相关的主题文章: