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Wild monkeys village 6 people were bitten by too difficult to capture the flexibility (Figure) – Beijing monkeys from the villagers around Jiao Dingqiong leap from the morning of September 26th, an adult rhesus monkeys suddenly appeared in the area, Pai Zhen Jin Feng Cun Mianyang group 9, just two days, there are 6 villagers bitten. This is the Lincheng village, "monkey" jiquanbuning. Yesterday, the Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters came to the village, the monkey is still hovering in the ground. Qianfo Hill, the relevant person in charge of the protection department, after analysis, this monkey may escape from the circus, because the incident did not appear before the monkey records. Secondly, some time ago a circus after near the overturned, and according to the observation of the monkey is very flexible, not so afraid of wild macaque. How can I catch the monkey? Relevant departments said that this is not as simple as saying. Sleeping pills are not applicable, the need to consult the anesthetic gun, in addition to monkeys exceptionally flexible, so in the end how to catch, has reported to the higher authorities for help. Monkey village 6 villagers two days by the first to see the monkey, is the village 9 groups of villagers Jiao Dingqiong. 7 point 26 in the morning, she went to the room after picking eggplant garden, just took off, he heard a noise behind him, a look back, a colour yellow monkey squats in not far behind her. When he saw the monkey, he was startled. She guessed monkey may be someone raised, accidentally ran, because of the lack of food, where people live to beg for food. At that time, Jiao Dingqiong just had an apple, then lost in the past, the monkey grabbed the apple, suddenly disappeared. Later, Jiao Dingqiong told her neighbor that she met a monkey, but no one believed it. About 2 in the afternoon, Jiao Dingqiong’s mother and daughter-in-law Liu Ping Hu Yan took the pole, ready to hit the back of walnut, just under the tree, the accident happened. "I was holding a bamboo pole, looked up, I saw four or five meters high tree sitting on a monkey, the monkey may be mistaken for me to hit it with a bamboo pole, before I came back, suddenly jumped on my back, a nasty bite." Liu Ping said. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter in an interview that the day the monkey appeared, the village 9 groups of a total of 4 villagers were bitten by monkeys. 27, there are two villagers were bitten by monkeys. Good feeding for two days yet monkeys attack people after the incident, the local forestry department rushed to the scene, after a preliminary identification, the monkeys is a monkey, which belongs to the two national animal protection. "Any villager who has a dog, the monkey will not go, because the dog to catch up." 9 group leader Yang Hanquan introduced. Secondly, Yang Hanquan found that the monkey is very smart, in particular, will look at the man, if it is a man, the general will be far away, if it is a woman, as long as a little unfriendly, it will bite. "6 bitten villagers, only one man". Jiao Dingqiong said, this two or three days as long as she entered the vegetable, the monkey will be hovering at her side not far away, apparently for food, as long as it is to eat, it will silently squatting on the side. In addition to her, the villagers Su Bihua, Jennifer Li will give it to eat. "These two days the monkey did not take the initiative to attack people." How to catch相关的主题文章: