The Swedish super – Sohu Oster Sanz home court against Hammarby pigeon blood

Sweden: Oster Sanz super – Sohu Oster Sanz beat home court Hammarby (main) VS 2016-10-27 1:00 site Thursday Hammarby start time: the first football net 100 Europe Index: [10] 1.941: 3.553 3.547 OE sens Hammarby [8] Asia Index: Aust 0.5 team ranked tenth in the League for his performance in general, the home court, score of 8 wins 1 flat 4 negative that goal is 22:14, offensive efficiency is not vulgar, defense can; the performance is also ranked eighth in the league, which is only a general away score of 5 wins 3 flat 5 negative goal for 17:18, offensive efficiency, defensive deviation; the two teams is not obvious gaps, the state prevailed, especially the the game has 7 consecutive away unbeaten on the track also occupy obvious advantages, The 5 fight unbeaten, from the basic situation, the two teams have a chance to win. The data on the European data found for 1.941, 3.547 wins, his chance was significantly higher than that of the guest, and the Bureau for the 3.553, and quite Bureau and win opportunity Asia index to open the home team let 0.25 chupan low water, the note after the rise to 0.5, there is a strong confidence in the team home team, the 0.5 is obviously deep, the home team win. Cz100 recommendation: let 0.5 oersted sens SMG recommended: 3相关的主题文章: