The State Council issued five policy to make up the short board infrastructure into focus —

The State Council issued five policy to make up the short board   infrastructure into focus — Finance — original title: the State Council issued five policy based on built up short board executive meeting of the State Council rarely focus on a single issue, but the September 5th meeting is an exception. This conference is only around a work, which is deployed in key areas and weak links with big short board efforts. The meeting pointed out, to seize the current raw material prices for commodities such as low favorable opportunity, increase efforts to implement the proactive fiscal policy, focusing on poverty alleviation, reconstruction and reinforcement of small and medium sized water conservancy, and major infrastructure construction, cultivate new industry new energy and other key areas, focus on institutional reform and innovation, optimize the policy "formula" good combination. The meeting opened five policy "formula": first, accelerate the "13th Five-Year" plan "Outline" to determine the overall, fundamental and strategic projects; second, to further promote the reform, to better mobilize the enthusiasm of social capital; third, innovative ways of financing, and revitalize precipitation funds; fourth, develop further expand the opening of foreign capital utilization measures; fifth, the establishment of incentive mechanism to make up the short board project. The State Council Development Research Center researcher Zhang Liqun said in an interview with reporters Zhengbao, from the policy point of view, whether the project implementation, financial arrangements, or ask to improve the accountability system, is to speed up the short board policy landing. Not only can make up the short board drive to expand effective investment, but also to increase the effective supply, to play an important role in the steady growth and supply side reforms. Infrastructure policy focus in the short board to make up the short board five policy, infrastructure construction has become the focus of policy. Among them, the first policy put forward, accelerate the "13th Five-Year" plan "Outline" to determine the overall, fundamental and strategic focus on major projects, make up the short board, narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas, to formulate the reasonable implementation plan, expand effective investment, the formation of physical workload as soon as possible. Launched a major construction project rolling investment plan for three years, the formation of the project reserve mechanism and the virtuous cycle of rolling implementation. Second, the three or four policies are related to the arrangements for funds, involving the mobilization of private capital, revitalize precipitation funds and the use of foreign capital. In the specific policy, there are many involved in infrastructure investment. For example, to determine the conference in mobilizing social capital initiative, and further liberalization of investment restrictions in infrastructure, education, medical care, pension and other livelihood areas of private and public institutions in market access, professional titles, social security and other aspects of the same treat point. In the proposed meeting: "revitalize precipitation funds, increase the central budget for investment in water conservancy, the city flood weak link infrastructure construction investment, promote the central enterprises to increase the rural power grids, telecommunications infrastructure and other shortcomings in the field of investment". Zhengbao Zhang Liqun told reporters, to make up the short board, of which a large block or rely on infrastructure construction, the current infrastructure investment accounted for the proportion of investment in fixed assets investment has reached 1/4, is the "stabilizer". The fill short board can sustain infrastructure investment growth momentum, so as to drive)相关的主题文章: