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The price drops to about half their net car buried a few " " ray; source: titanium media (Beijing) (original title: price drops are banzhebanyan to net about car buried a few "thunder" (pictured above): from the visual Chinese) drops their prices, at least several times I use this severe taxi software users than after confirmation. But the cause of mobile travel is also going to continue, just boarded the Chinese stage about car software still has a lot of way to go, has entered the user habits of the network about the car scene can not be shaken. Perhaps the only injured in the market, only the public too high expectations for mobile travel market. Express or disappear completely can not be denied, China’s Internet companies are largely in the United States to learn from the Internet model. In 1995, Morgan Stanley’s business, Netscape web browser providers (Netscape) successfully listed, this is the first Internet Co of American capital market. Netscape issue price corresponds to the valuation of $700 million, at $2 billion 900 million on the first day, 1998 by the United States online with convertible form acquisition valuation of $10 billion. Morgan Stanley is a pioneer in CTR value ", the first standard from Internet Co listed is the click rate (Twentieth Century and twenty-first Century hand) or the number of users (after twenty-first Century), rather than profit, earnings can be used to replace the fuzzy language. So far, the new rules were born. When an Internet company has the possibility of future earnings, but also in a stage to seize the market, you can get a relatively tolerant period of capital forgiveness. However, once the market structure is stable, the profit of the small target or to put back to the table. From drops with excellent step on that level of capital integration, has walked down from the altar drops down. From that day on, all of the capital’s spotlight is aimed at a target: when will it be profitable? Obviously, with facing an embarrassing problem in the middle and ride car "express", the main car comfort models and services, continue to ride sharing economy as a starting point, the two have a clear business model and profit rules. What about the express train? Used to express, because of the lower tariff standards and close to the car experience was to become the main force in the market. And now, not less than the taxi tariff standards and reduce income became the driver express this mode weakness. When the user is facing "a little more money you can do," car "about car taxi software" and "return to public travel facilities and other options, express has no advantage. Good drivers away the necessity of subsidies disappear, the most sad is the car driver, the income level of their linear decline. Soon, the freedom, the fun and the high income of this profession will cease to exist. How, when a car drivers do the power only get five thousand or six thousand of the monthly income, he has to continue to exist in the probability of this industry? Then the driver into the mind of the game will be a very real problem, namely the theory of earned相关的主题文章: