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Su ningyun strategic investment 8 days online   speed up the campus market layout — Finance — August 24th, on the 8 day hold online C round of Financing Conference, Su ningyun officially confirmed 8 days online investment, the two sides will focus on supply chain management, logistics, consumer finance launched a series of cooperation, accelerate the development of campus O2O market. Joint campaign campus O2O market 8 days online was founded in 2013, is a leading domestic campus O2O field, after the two sides around the campus O2O market expansion carried out a number of aspects of cooperation. With Su ningyun formal investment 8 days online, the cooperation will also enter a new stage. As early as last year after 818 fever Festival, the two sides took the lead in testing the waters of 3C products. On the one hand, 8 day online opened direct supply of goods from the entrance of Suning, Suning procurement platform 3C category; on the other hand, Suning big poly benefits exclusive price for 8 days online, to ensure that the price advantage. With the continuous advance of strategic cooperation between the two sides, the future will expand the department stores, supermarkets and beauty cosmetics category of cooperation, to further strengthen the coordination of the supply chain level. In terms of logistics, the 8 day of the last mile campus online distribution, currently has a large warehouse in the country, nearly a thousand campus micro warehouse, providing an average of 30 minutes served, free delivery upstairs service. With 8 days of online logistics and distribution network, Suning will further improve the last mile of the campus distribution capacity, enhance the satisfaction of campus users. At the same time, Suning in the country’s nearly 5 million square meters of warehousing, covering the country’s 351 prefecture level cities, more than 6000 courier point logistics network, will also become a strong backing for the 8 day online. In terms of campus credit, as early as the end of last year, Suning campus to pay for the product – Suning beauty on heavy landing 8 days online APP. In the future, the two sides will accelerate the expansion of the campus consumer finance market. Su ningyun, vice president of marketing headquarters Tian Rui said, "Su Ning on the 8 day online investment, is not simply a financial investment, more importantly, in the retail ecosystem platform Suning wide, both sides will be in the business model and business cooperation more spark collision." Accelerate the retail CPU output China Education Newspaper survey data show that the average monthly consumption of college students between 800-1200 yuan, which gave birth to a 30 billion magnitude campus O2O market. Such a huge market cake, not only attracted a lot of attention, such as 8 days of online campus O2O companies, but also attracted Suning such integrated electricity supplier layout. In fact, Suning has always attached great importance to develop the campus market, and uses the O2O model to develop the campus market, set up under the campus online shop, online platform to accelerate campus penetration. At present, Suning has opened 50 campus store, this year plans to complete the opening of 200 campus stores. Not only that, Suning also has more than 10 thousand campus agents, covering 80% of the country’s colleges and universities. Investment 8 days online is the continuation of Suning investment strategy. From the original red child to Tesco official to Nubia and Insta360, Suning always follow the pace of investment in industry)相关的主题文章: