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Scientists tell you, self help mental health! – Sohu science has confirmed that taking some time can really boost mental health! How many articles tell us to get rid of electronic products, to meet the real life? And that’s a real surprise! California University of California Department of psychology recently confirmed a statement that indulge in the virtual world is not Nothing is right., at least is a self help mental health. This result shows that in Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms such as upload self timer, get praise not only make people happy, but also can improve self-confidence. In addition, the researchers involved in the study found that taking pictures is better than some of the things you think better to please others. The team decided to ask 41 students to complete a self test (mainly composed of 28 girls and 13 boys). Observe their daily lives for 4 weeks. At the beginning of the test, participants were asked to record their feelings 3 times a day, and at the same time, specifically to indicate what time is affected by what special things. In the 3 weeks after the test, the students were asked to record their feelings, but also to leave their emotions with photos. The students were also grouped and asked to act accordingly. The researchers divided them into 3 groups, one group was responsible for the shooting of the self timer, one to take pictures of objects or the environment, the remaining one to shoot those who would be happy to take photos. The results of the test show that the human need for a little narcissism is more important than anything else, because they represent the self more happy, more confident. Thank you for your attention to WeChat public number: geear-geear相关的主题文章: