Scenic delisted industry sounded the alarm warning is it is encouragement — public opinion C tamiflu

Scenic delisted industry sounded the alarm warning is   it is encouragement — public opinion Channel – in August, the National Tourism Bureau frequent regulation in the industry big moves, including part of the 5A level scenic spots were delisted and serious warning, issued "travel", elderly tourism service standards to carry out reform, guide the freedom to practice regulations of tourism need to set the "tour bus seat" etc.. From the above policies, measures can be seen, the National Tourism Administration is to strengthen the management of the tourism industry chain to regulate the behavior of the tourism market, to provide a more comfortable tourist environment. What are the effects of these measures on scenic spots, travel agencies, tour guides and tourists? What difficulties will be encountered in the implementation process? Whether the "medicine"? Look at the analysis of people’s opinion monitoring room. August 12th, the people’s network public opinion monitoring room released in August involved in public opinion ecological report. The report selected 50 hot public opinion as the research sample, a comprehensive display of the big data from the perspective of the regional distribution of public opinion, time distribution, type distribution, etc.. The report also on tourist complaints platform August visitors complaints are analyzed synthetically, overall, the volume of complaints increased significantly compared with July, the processing efficiency is further reduced, reflecting the lack of awareness of public opinion crisis in the tourism industry, further increase the risk of public opinion. (Wang Xiaohua, commissioning editor Zhu Minggang) in August, tourism related public opinion ecological review in August, the National Tourism Administration issued a number of heavyweight policy and management measures. The regulation of 5A, 4A, 5A on the part of scenic spots, scenic spots, serious delisting warning; second, accelerate the reform of management system of tour guide, to carry out a pilot free practice reform; thirdly, according to the present situation of the elderly tourism market and the existing problems, the issuance of "travel elderly tour service standards". As can be seen from the area to guide to the tourists, the National Tourism Administration continues to intensify supervision of the tourism industry chain, all kinds of chaos regulation in the process of tourism, tourism market environment optimization. Public opinion on the above policies and measures to give a positive, but the ability to implement the landing, the new regulations bring about how to solve the problem, the deterrent effect of how widespread concern. Such worries are not redundant, "tourism law", "travel regulations" and other laws and regulations have been implemented for more than ten years, but in the actual implementation, often will be greatly reduced, so that parts of the black travel agencies, tour guides, tour and other illegal black chaos repeated violations of the rights of tourists. This shows that the improvement of the tourism market chaos is not the lack of laws and regulations, but the execution is not strictly enforced, as a guarantee, the good policy measures, will become a "toothless tiger". This report continues to focus on complaints about the complaint platform. Statistics found that, with the arrival of the tourist season, coupled with the summer vacation tour blowout, the volume of complaints in August increased by 33% compared to July, public opinion to further increase the risk. It was found that the treatment efficiency of each person’s complaint to tourists was further reduced, and the total treatment rate was only 29%. From the perspective of the treatment, the local tourism sector was far below OTA. All these reflect the lack of awareness of public opinion crisis in tourism industry. )相关的主题文章: