Restrictions on employment in the household registration law without evidence

In order to limit the employment of employment law in accordance with the original title: to limit employment in the law, according to the law, according to the local network about why the new regulations on the car reform reverse gear? Author: Tao Shun source: public number "Economic Observer observers" first day of work after the holiday, north of Guangzhou Shenzhen invariably issued draft new regulations about the car, suddenly raise net about car drivers access threshold, set off a boom in online network Tucao, car drivers and even complain about the platform, is the most important, sat net about passengers were damaged the interests of a sense of – was forced back by taxi back to the helpless feeling. Beijing announced the first, must be a household in Beijing who drove a Beijing car license can do about this single live car network; the provisions of Shanghai must have a household registration in Shanghai and has a Shanghai license plate is eligible for soliciting". Beijing and Shanghai net about the new car bill has been referred to as "Beijing Beijing car", "Shanghai Shanghai card" – although this is still not enough to induce new "". Shenzhen requires drivers must be registered in Shenzhen or hold a valid residence permit, and must be within 2 years of new cars. Guangzhou provisions of the network must be within 1 years of a new car. The new draft these places can be said from the models of displacement to small but complete, more or less are involved, some do not let in the train station at the airport by car, some requirements about network posted a similar taxi logo. Whether it is a household registration or vehicles, the draft regulations of the first tier cities are called harsh, only a household registration, the data show that in the more than 41 drivers, there are less than 10000 people in Shanghai. According to this provision, most now run on the road network around the car should have been banned free, sharing economy will be pumped to flesh and soul, only a basket case. If this bill is passed, will not be a blessing to the community, it will inevitably lead to the network about cars There is not much left. continue to rise in the supply shortage situation, and the waiting time will also increase significantly, those used to net about car service, excellent price of the passengers, may not be willing to take the experience of the poor taxi, but were driven to buy a car and ride at the network about the car, the old age society will return to the expensive taxi taxi difficult. This is the first-tier cities network about cars waters originate in the new regulations, the local wind above, its demonstration effect can not be overlooked. It is precisely because of this, the highest party newspaper "people’s Daily" in the new media platform called "deep North of Guangzhou, please think twice". The household segment is long plagued the Chinese people a big pain point, but anyway, thank God, to the household registration restrictions the employment situation is almost extinct, who can think of that in all things Internet and sharing economy era it has thrown ballast. In fact, such a household discrimination, has long been prohibited by law. In accordance with the provisions of article fifteenth of the administrative license law of the people’s Republic of China, the regulations of the people’s Government of People’s Republic of China Province, autonomous region and municipality directly under the central government…… The administrative license set by it shall not restrict individuals or enterprises from other areas to engage in production and business operations and provide services in this region." "The specific provisions of laws and regulations for the implementation of administrative licensing law set, shall not increase administrative license; specific provisions on the requirements of administrative permission shall not add other conditions in violation of the upper law." The place on the net about car regulations nor Wei相关的主题文章: