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Pu Jinhui bestie politics adds new characters exposure Shunshi Cui real power sister original title: Pu Jinhui bestie politics adds new characters in Korean media explosion Shunshi Cui sister Cui Shunde is a powerful master of Cui Shunshi appeared in the Seoul Central District procuratorate 31, 3 p.m.. The observer [net] the sun for two days, South Korea whole nation is pan fried…… President Park Geun Hye Cui Shunshi "intervention" bestie events continue to ferment, in a variety of requirements to step down during a demonstration park, South Korean media also broke a Mengliao: sister Cui Shunshi is behind the scenes boss. According to South Korea, the most influential news media "Korean Daily" English version today (31 days), Pu Jinhui Gui Micui (transliteration, Choi Soon-sil) Shunshi political turmoil, Cui Shunshi’s half sister Cui Shunde (transliteration, Choi Soon-deuk) is behind the scenes grasp the real right character, while Cui Shunshi Cui Shunde is only responsible for the implementation of "action command captain". Cui Shunde is the two daughter of the daughters of Cui Taimin and his wife of the fifth, North Korea daily English website screenshot. The report quoted sources said, Cui Shunde is responsible for the behind the scenes Cui Shunshi according to the instructions issue orders left and right. All this originated from Cui Shunshi’s daughter, September 2014, she "riding students" identity was admitted to South Korea’s top schools of Ewha Womans University. At that time, Ewha university sports special enrollment has been riding a, just suddenly set in 2014. Broke the news person claiming to be in the past 20 years, every week and Cui Shunshi meet with Cui Shunde, "media reports said Cui Shunshi is a power broker, but her sister is really powerful people". The 64 year old Cui Shunde and Pu Jinhui had read in high school, in May 20, 2006, Pu Jinhui in Seoul to help a Grand National Party candidate for Seoul mayor, subjected to violence, the right face is stationery knife wound, 11 cm long. She was recovering from her face and spent a week at home with Cui Shunde. Pu Jinhui was injured in the attack, in 2007, the murderer was sentenced to 10 years in prison for attempted murder, violation of electoral law, injury and other charges. Another sister who know and Cui 20 years told the Chosun Ilbo, "we usually drink and chat, Cui Shunde is always boasting about politicians to reuse her with several bags of money to pay her a visit". After the intervention cronies event by the media broke the news, Cui Shunde was in the valley cave Jiangnan District apartment reporter visited keep close at home on Sunday evening, Cui Shunde villa, the window does not turn on the lights, but can vaguely see a figure out. Cui Shunde had a full-time driver, said: 2-3 years ago, the deterioration of the health of the, so only from home, hospital and sauna room, recently there should be no effort to go out." The Korea Times "we live in the Republic of China under the Cui? The incident also reported the same as Cui’s daughter, Cui Shunde’s daughter, Zhang Youzhen (transliteration, 27 years old, also known as the name of the singer) is also the origin of equestrian athletes from the age of. Zhang Youzhen had to enter the extension of the identity of the equestrian special students相关的主题文章: