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Placenta, placental abruption, aging of placenta and placenta of pregnant women. This session of the Sohu "wake up, wake up, her mother." In the delivery room on the dormitory, I was sleeping soundly, was a hand for I woke up, I confused look at the table, only 12 at night, my 2:30 shift, who? Is my disciple Xiaowen, she cried: "master, there is a pregnant woman, a lot of bleeding." I quickly put on clothes, went to the labour room, in a bed, I see pregnant women have been rescued in the operation room. The doctor on the stage whispered to me, "it’s a placenta previa." As we all know, the placenta is attached to the uterine wall, connected to the fetus through the umbilical cord, and is the only source of energy for the material exchange between the fetus and the mother. The fetus is able to obtain the necessary nutrients and oxygen from the mother through the placenta, and the waste produced by the metabolism of the placenta. Therefore, the placenta is a very important production organ, if the placenta problems, it means that the fetus and the mother of the connection has an obstacle. After 28 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta attached to the lower uterine segment, and even the lower edge of the placenta to reach or cover the cervix of the mouth, its location is lower than the fetal presentation, called placenta previa. Placenta previa is one of the main causes of bleeding in late pregnancy. More common in women, especially the multi maternal. Generally speaking, does not directly affect fetal development of placenta previa, is not necessarily a direct threat to the fetus, if bleeding is slight, as long as the bleeding stopped, can continue to pregnancy, can also be safe from the vaginal delivery. If a lot of bleeding, it is more trouble. That night the pregnant women because of bleeding a lot, we have to implement the emergency cesarean section at the same time, the blood from the blood bank, protect pregnant women’s vital signs, after more than an hour of operation, and finally makes change danger into safety. As we all know, the normal location of the placenta, before the fetus is born, is close to the uterine wall. If there is no longer the time of delivery, the placenta has emerged, that is, placental abruption. Placental abruption and placenta previa are the main causes of bleeding in late pregnancy. For placental diseases, there is a kind of people are more familiar with, is implanted placenta. The fetus after birth smoothly for a long time, if not the placenta childbirth, is mainly caused by abnormal placental implantation. This kind of placenta, in childbirth can be difficult to remove the placenta, resulting in maternal postpartum hemorrhage. The risk of placenta accreta is not separated by hand, if forcibly stripped, will bleeding, shock, perforation of uterine muscle, cause uterine perforation and infection, the consequences will be very serious, only laparotomy, alleviate the crisis. In addition to abnormal placenta implantation, there will be premature aging. Some 30~35 weeks of pregnancy in pregnant women, but there was placental grade 2~3 calcification, placental dysfunction, more prolonged pregnancy, or are pregnant mother pregnancy complications, such as pregnancy induced hypertension, diabetes and so on, will cause the placenta blood supply is reduced. The accelerated aging of placenta. There is a rare disease of the placenta, placenta discoloration. Also.相关的主题文章: