Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Qiu Yuanping visited Lagos CDAC Center – Beijing condolence plants war

Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Qiu Yuanping visited Lagos CDAC center condolences compatriots news agency of the new network – in November 1 Lagos Xinhua (reporter Song Fangcan) is visiting Nigeria, November 1st, director of the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Qiu Yuanping visited Lagos Chinese CDAC center, to encourage local compatriots to participate in support, "let every people who need help feel warmth and love." Lagos is the second leg of the visit to Europe and Africa, the three countries, arrived in Nigeria, she specifically asked to look at. Lagos Hua help center director Sun Guoping told Qiu Yuanping, founded the CDAC center although only a year, but has been with the local police to solve a number of highway encounter kidnapping, burglary, pirates and other cases of overseas Chinese in nigeria. At the same time, the center also helps to solve the difficulties encountered by the overseas chinese. Heard the briefing, Qiu Yuanping said happily: "I want to introduce a CDAC center, made positive comments on China to help here since the establishment of the center’s achievements. Lagos Hua Li center was established not long, but the organizational structure has begun to take shape." She said, in a sense, China will center is the overseas Chinese community charities, great love, need all the care and support of overseas chinese. Qiu Yuanping also pointed out that the core concept of China help center and the central task is six words: love, help and integration. She believes that we all support the strength and credibility of the institutions or the Chinese to establish CDAC center in the world, cohesion, common strength from overseas Chinese overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese to provide services for the need of help, help. "I believe the care and support of our compatriots in Nigeria and the community, our center will help China better, will let each need help people feel the warmth and love." Medical care is also the China Overseas Chinese delegation to an important activity in Africa, the comfort of overseas chinese. On the morning of 1, five experts from Nigeria to the capital city of Abuja overseas Chinese Affairs Office of TCM care group carry out in the China mall, see a doctor for the trip, overseas Chinese and local people. Qiu Yuanping went to the scene for experts platform: "the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office hopes to Chinese medicine to the world, for the benefit of people all over the world. We launched the Chinese medicine care programs, will regularly send experts to the overseas Chinese medicine clinic and professional lectures etc.. We will conduct training for practitioners of overseas Chinese medicine, and encourage and support the overseas Chinese Medicine Practitioners Association, jointly promote the development of Chinese medicine overseas." "Another purpose of our TCM care plan is condolences compatriots around the world, the Chinese delegation to the activities, let compatriots to experience the motherland and family care." Qiu Yuanping said, the five high level of Chinese medicine experts are Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Chinese experts and professors. We hope that the Nigeria compatriots, including the friends from all walks of life to take advantage of this opportunity, we feel the charm and effectiveness of Chinese medicine. I hope the arrival of the delegation, to compatriots living in Nigeria send happiness, send blessings." (end)相关的主题文章: