National treasure treatment Poland issued Wizard 3 White Wolf stamp stamp mentalist

National treasure treatment Poland issued the "Wizard 3" White Wolf stamp stamp "Wizard" series in Poland can be called a national treatment. In 2011, the king of the 2 assassins of assassins, was presented to the president of the United States as Poland’s prime minister Obama. And in 2016, Poland in another way to celebrate the wizard 3: 3:Wild (The Witcher): the issue of a white wolf Stamp Stamps in. "Wizard" stamps today CDPR Damien Monnier on the Twitter released a "Wizard 3" White Wolf theme stamps. Some people reply on the Twitter said that "the wizard" the game is simply the Poland culture exportation most famous one. But denied by Monnier, he said that vodka and pork products may be more famous than wizard games, but the same is true, there is a wizard stamp has been deeply honored. "Wizard 3" Obama visited Poland in 2014, when a special mention of the "Wizard" series of games. Obama said the development of the Poland RPG game is a good example of Poland’s contribution to the global economy". "Wizards 3" in Poland in addition to CDPR outdoor development "Wizards" series, there are many other big name manufacturers, including The Farm 51 (Painkiller), Techland (death Island, light fade away) and People Can Fly (war machine: the trial, the bullet storm). (source: ali123 editor: unhappy) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: