Lim Yoona actually saved the Gulf version of the vogue no limit aesthetic jslottery

Lim Yoona had saved no limit aesthetic instruction Bay version of "Vogue": Lim Yoona on the bay "Vogue" gold 9 cover, has been Tucao aesthetic without the lower limit of the bay "Vogue" this time was Yoona’s value to save Yan guards. Do you want to be as beautiful as Yoona on the cover? Cover makeup to paint like this! (source: posters fashion network) Lim Yoona Chinese Taiwan version of "Vogue" in September, Lim Yoona Chinese large Taiwan version of "Vogue" in September, Lim Yoona China large Taiwan version of "Vogue" September blockbuster recently, Chinese Taiwan version of "Vogue" from a group of Lim Yoona for the cover of this large, although a few large tracts of the composition, design, typesetting is nothing new for comment and anticipation, but get the majority of Internet users consistent praise: Chinese Taiwan version of "Vogue" on the cover of a beauty finally. Why do you say that? You know, there is no contrast there is no harm, let us first look at the Chinese version of Taiwan, "Vogue" over the years cover. Xu Ruoxuan China Taiwan version of "Vogue" Xu Ruoxuan "Vogue" Xu Ruoxuan Chinese Taiwan version Chinese Taiwan version of "Vogue" freeze age goddess Vivian Hsu boarded the bay "Vogue", not a street woman, is wearing a wreath of blue and red armor warrior, hit the color of eye shadow and just exploded hair again she is just like the aliens to earth in the first street forced meng. Hsu Chi China Taiwan version of "Vogue" and then look at the Hsu Chi Bay version of "Vogue" cover, can you believe this is that as long as a behavior can electrocute you sexy goddess? Old hair, dull eyes, plus the sausage mouth, this should be the actress is not easy to cover breath and then accidentally excessive force to. Hsu Chi Chinese explosive head Taiwan version of "Vogue" cotton candy with colors of the 80s Miss salon, hair area than Hsu Chi’s face and chest is big, if this is the beginning of the 90s cover, the editors may point a praise, on twenty-first Century, oh, sorry I can’t accept it. Hsu Chi Chinese Taiwan version of "Vogue" which is a cover of miss Hsu Chi’s hair is normal, but the dark green eyes let her eyes half asleep, a face look like a "senseless forced down syndrome". Lin Chiling China Taiwan version of "Vogue" Lin Chiling "Vogue" Lin Chiling Chinese Taiwan version Chinese Taiwan version of "Vogue" sister Zhi Ling, oh, no, grandma Zhi Ling Bay version of "Vogue" Real cover is also amazing, old-fashioned style, rigid body curve, even if the business line no matter how spectacular the waves also save her style old and clumsy. Ariel Lin China Taiwan version of "vogue" Ariel Lin Chinese Taiwan version "vogue" Ariel Lin bay "Vougue" is a cover version of the blockbuster Meiqimingyue ladies wind in 60s, is actually more like a hair salon girl affectation posed, especially the second Zhang had to let the editor thought "pink flamingo.相关的主题文章: