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I hear you can surf the airport now and ask for delay! Original title: I heard that I can actually surf the airport now. I asked delay! Lead: the airport is a magical place, as the last station of each trip, whether there is a perfect ending to see how it was! Of course, the airport for a lot of people means buy buy buy, but for most men and children will be a little bit boring, but now the airport will play more and more, in addition to providing shopping and delicacy places, there are many entertainment items! You may have heard of the "backyard" of a golf course in the airport, but have you ever heard of surfing at the airport? (source: Claire network Author: Mine Airport) but a travel "ending station", but if these are like the airport is not so fun, hate every time delay? The "wave" of the airport, Munich Airport is known as "the best airport in Europe" the title of the Munich Airport is located in the German state of Bavaria, ranked Germany second, second only to the Frankfurt Main Airport. The airport is provided to buy buy buy, but the Munich Airport is so domineering, directly to the "wave" moved to. The airport is set up between 1 and terminal 2 a large swimming pool, every summer will be open to visitors, time every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., each time for the same time surfing. Don’t know about surfing and don’t worry, the airport will hold a children’s summer camp every morning, afternoon held free of charge for beginners set two (3 p.m. and 6 p.m.) classes, then the swimming pool will also install a support rod for use. More convenient is that you do not need to bring their own equipment. Because the airport will provide free rental surfboard, helmets and diving suits, surfing coach will also provide encouragement and advice. Munich Airport is very popular in the summer surfing, surfers must register 2 days in advance, and then select the airport according to the chart to get the final surfing passengers. If you want to come to Germany in the summer or from Munich Airport, you can look at the time ah! The most "good sleep" at the airport Singapore Airport in Singapore is not to look at the idea of a botanical garden? But this is Singapore Airport. Singapore as a "turning point" big country, the airport every day to carry passengers from all over the world, the customer experience is particularly important. As a garden city, the airport’s three terminals in the light theme garden there are five. As for the "best sleep airport" is not langdexuming. Passengers to sleep comfortably, opened a special regional transit comfortable chairs, sofa and nap area, but also provide OSIM massage chair massage 15 minutes free. If you are full of go but Kuala Lumpur encounter high temperature, can be at the top of the terminal 1 swimming pool for a swim, enjoy sunbathing while overlooking the airport runway. Adults happy children can not forget, there are children’s play area. The airport is the world’s highest Sanhang Xiamen Airport slide. If there are more than 5.5 hours before the transfer.相关的主题文章: