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Harbin 13 years old boy had just been back home to go to school the next day and lost – Beijing life in November 2nd reported recently, Harbin 13 year old junior high school boys word word, two consecutive home, family anxiously looking for hope, insider can provide clues. According to the live dawn Street Chaoyang Tuen Xiangfang District 35 year old Mr. Ma said, son of words in a high school junior high school haping road. 1 early in the morning, as usual to go to school, but the teacher said he did not call to go to school, his family rushed around looking for. In fact, in October 31st, the words had gone away, the night of the day, he threw his bag at the door, the family found in the surrounding suburbs looking for a long time before they get back. Reporters from the district building police learned that in October 31st, received a child missing after the alarm, the police are actively looking for help, and later learned that the child was found, the children run away again, the family has not contact the police. It is understood that the words 3 years old, Mr. Ma and his wife divorced, the child was raised by the mother during the primary school, then the mother went to Xiamen with her mother’s family to do food and beverage, the words of the high school with his father’s life. The child is very sensible studious, admitted to a good private school, the results have been relatively stable. Don’t want to just a few days ago, the children have weariness and family in anger and other abnormalities. After the child left, Mr. Ma think, a few days ago, the family because of fear of affecting the vision and prohibit the words play a long time, may cause the child’s mood is not good. Then a few days ago he jokingly said to the child, give the child to find a stepmother. Then the child mood fluctuates obviously, upset can’t sleep sleep, even weariness, until leaving. Children’s physical characteristics: 56 1 meters tall, slim, dressed in blue uniforms wearing black shoes, black bag back. Family contact: 18249080285相关的主题文章: