Guangdong destroyed a number of new network MLM criminal gangs destroyed 30 dens over – Beijing

Guangdong destroyed a number of new network MLM criminal gangs destroyed 30 dens – more than Beijing, Beijing, Guangzhou, November 1 (Suo Youwei Ma Zenan Huang Kangling) 1 reporter learned from the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau held a news conference, the Department recently command the province’s 21 Police successfully destroyed a number of new network MLM criminal gangs. The detection of "star currency" virtual currency case, Guangdong Long Fu Group marketing network marketing case more than 60 cases, destroyed more than 30 dens, arrested more than 480 suspects, related cases involving about 20 yuan. According to the briefing, found Zhang led the criminal gangs suspected of using virtual currency "star currency" in the organization, leadership pyramid selling crime clues, Jieyang Police Department of economic investigation in the investigation at the same time, the Foshan Police Department of economic investigation found in the investigation of cases, Guangdong Long Fu company and related companies under the banner of "charity" business name suspected of selling through the Internet the so-called "nano" products of organization, leadership pyramid selling crime. After reporting the relevant clues, Guangdong police after five consecutive months of full investigation, and finally find out the criminal network of criminal gangs, personnel and organizational structure. In mid September, the Ministry of Public Security Bureau directly under the guidance of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department issued a directive to public security organs to implement the arrest arrest team dispatched to Guangxi, Ningxia, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other 10 provinces, regions, and Guangdong Province, Foshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen City, successfully destroyed a MLM dens, involving the main suspects were all arrested. Mainly in Jieyang cracked the "star coins virtual currency pyramid selling case, arrested more than 110 suspects, destroyed 30 dens over more than 120 accounts, check the freezing, seizure, and computer, villa real estate vehicle mobile phone and bank cards and other items involved with a large number of key evidence, involving more than 100 million yuan in 2. Based on Foshan Guangdong cracked forthen group of network marketing case, arrested more than 170 suspects, check the frozen accounts involved more than 410 more than 20 sets of real estate, freezing, seizure of vehicles, computer, bank cards and books, and other key evidence of a large number of items involved, involving 5 more than 100 million yuan. The Ministry of Public Security Bureau, Guangdong police cracked the "star coins virtual currency is the pyramid selling case is realized for the first time the whole chain of combat network virtual currency marketing case. It is understood that this year 1 to September, the Guangdong police investigated illegal fund-raising and marketing more than 680 cases, an increase of 24%; detection of more than 550, an increase of 55.8%; the arrest of more than 1370 people, an increase of 71.3%. Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau official said, the police will always be on the financial sector including prominent crime, new network MLM crime crackdown highhanded, Guangdong resolutely safeguard the financial order and economic security. At the same time, the police appealed to the public to establish the correct investment philosophy, new type of network marketing alert by using virtual currency investment, maintain their own property, once found "pull the head" organizational leadership MLM crime activities, should immediately report to the police, and to cooperate with the police to combat. (end)相关的主题文章: