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Find the golden evening: why crude oil prices, 9.27 crude oil asphalt operation of empty single release Sina fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! When you succeed, your story is legendary; when you fail, your story is a joke; when you give up, your story is just one case; when you refused, your story is just a blank…… when you go all out, your story will be a beautiful memory…… life stage, I hope you are the legend story! Have ambition to get what you want, if you do not even dare to think, then OK, you do not lose the qualifications are not! Do not look down on their own. This week the focus of attention (OPEC frozen production meeting) Beijing time on September 26th, the OPEC member countries and Russia will hold an informal meeting on the International Energy Forum gap, the forum has been investors. However, from the current situation, there are many obstacles, there is no hope of reaching an agreement. Because the market is very clear now supply situation, so many people in the field have said frozen production has been unable to solve the problem. More and more voices are calling for OPEC to freeze its production and shift its attention to production cuts, otherwise it is likely to weigh on inventories in 2017, putting more pressure on oil prices. Of course, due to the possibility of reaching a real estate agreement is not high, the production agreement may be minimal. Analysis of the causes of soaring crude oil at Algeria’s energy minister NoureddineBoutarfa on Saturday (September 24th) said in an interview, Saudi Arabia is willing to do its utmost to ensure that the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) the success of the Algeria conference, the reasonable price of crude oil at $50-60 a barrel. This Wednesday (September 28th) OPEC and Russia and other non OPEC members will hold an informal meeting during the Algeria International Energy Forum to discuss measures to support the oil market. Last week, Saudi Arabia and Iran met privately in Vienna, and a number of OPEC officials have lobbied for a production deal between oil producers. Analysis of crude oil asphalt technology market today oil prices fell slightly after the first start on the all-time record. From the 4 hours online, Bollinger Bands show opening form, K in Bollinger band rail above the average in short period band formed near the resistance band, figure MACD double handed MACD, running on the 0 axis, red column kinetic energy index volume, strong stochastic KDJ MACD running up after in the operation of the proposed rallies. U.S. crude oil operation recommendations: the proposed $46.3 near empty single approach, stop loss of 0.4 points, the target of $45.5! The above operating strategy is for reference only, please do a good job of risk control. Empty single quilt oil release strategy whether shocks or unilateral market, since the set of相关的主题文章: