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[figure] recommend manual CVT luxury Beijing (BJ) 20 car purchase manual – Sohu car [Sohu car   new car] configuration level, can not be counted as Beijing (BJ), the biggest bright spot, but does not mean that the configuration is not interesting. 2016 teacher’s day, BJ20 listed, providing six models, the guidance price of 9.68-13.98 million. From the top 43 thousand with low price, it sounds quite a lot of treatment are very different: the entry-level electric rearview mirror can adjust the front seat, top quota can realize heating ventilation, the gap! But you don’t have to play this picture, because no matter the cheapest or the most expensive one, you are not the prophet ready to recommend to you… Note: the new official title for Beijing (BJ) 20, will consider reading experience models abbreviated as "Beijing BJ20" or "BJ20" to the ———————————————————————–? It is time to the point is not the same as the compact SUV hot degree, do not lose any piece of automotive market segments, especially independent compact SUV sales continued to rise, a grasp of a lot of opportunities. But now, the characteristics of similar products in the field of serious, in the same direction of progress, and constantly improve the arrival time, after if the bottleneck; BJ20, finally someone is willing to change the way down in Renhe, labeled "hardcore" label. If the ultimate goal is to create a distinctive Beijing automobile, the effect is undoubtedly immediate. ———————————————————————–? Vehicle overview of small displacement turbo power + monocoque structure, and no four-wheel drive from BJ20 mechanical structure may not be so hard, but the minimum ground clearance of 215mm, the largest wading depth of 650mm, called the optimal. "Neiwaijianxiu", BJ20 is doing well, some of the fashion exquisite compact SUV can take care of, through the ability is outstanding, although the design style personality way, but the internal configuration of power system, with the mainstream of the times. ————————————————————? Have a son recommended top with impulse according to normal logic, will first determine the consumer to buy a car buy a manual automatic, to hesitate to choose high and low with now skilled driving hand models have become higher order skills, so attention is more and more low. Fortunately, BJ20 "and the rain descends" each provide 3 hand CVT models, of course, the CVT version of the configuration is higher than that of manual version; in addition, all 6 models, the security configuration is not very different, the price difference is mainly for comfort level uneven configuration. Manual version configuration analysis相关的主题文章: