Father for Chen full appeal 23 years dying Thanksgiving to help all of you roselip

Father Chen 23 years full appeal last words: gratitude help all people – your Beijing Chen Man 23 years in prison, the prison to a mother king Chen Man sent more than and 300 letters, father Chen Yuancheng wrote a 77 letter of complaint, the two son of Chen Shuze to give parents a man has been writing poetry, encourage each other. The evening of August 27th, the body due to multiple organ failure, Chen Yuancheng died at the age of 83, the distance from his son Chen Man acquitted home only half a year. According to Chen Yuancheng’s wishes, the funeral all simple, no mourning, nor put dirge, a few relatives notice. In Chen man home, his mother Wang Zhongyi with swollen, Chen Man and his brother to take care of his elderly mother. "The family just got together and he left." Recall 20 years running for their parents unremittingly to the complaint, Chen man just ordered a car to tears trickling down cheeks, and before I could drive him out." This morning, Chen Yuancheng’s ashes will be placed at a cemetery in Mianzhu Tumen town. Father’s last words to treat the family Thanksgiving society Chen Man brother Chen Yi said, some time ago, the father of physical discomfort, in Mianzhu Hospital of TCM "later nursed back to health, illness, to the people’s Hospital of Mianzhu city ICU. 27 at 20:45 due to multiple organ failure." Chen Yuancheng during hospitalization, his wife Wang one to accompany him, three sons are also taken care of, Chen expressed every day to the hospital to visit his father, Chen Yi and Chen Man is responsible for cooking meals. 27 days later, Wang Zhongyi learned that his wife heart stopped, crying, "thought the grandson of going back to Mianyang, I do not drive safety, control of their emotions." Wang Zhongyi introduced his wife died she cried three times. Second see crying is the door of the house "obituary", crying sadly. Third cry, when Wang Zhong came home, went to the door, "thought (and Chen Yuancheng) go out together, but didn’t go home (Note: refers to the old husband died in hospital), and began to cry again." "I don’t want to think about it." Chen Man’s brother, said Chen Yi, father’s body has been not very good, heart, stomach problems." Chen Yi said that over the past 20 years, the father and mother together, has been persistent for Chen full appeal. "At the beginning of February this year, Chen man finally acquitted the elderly home, the spirit to relax down, it felt a lot of discomfort." Chen Man’s father died, no mourning hall set home, did not put a dirge, relatives and friends only notice. "This is the father’s wish." Chen Man said that his father is a very thrifty man, the old man to follow the thick support thin burial principle, with a few sons before his death, said there is no need to engage in these forms of things. "When he left, he said, there is no regret in this life, very calm, it is worth." Chen Man said that his father had repeatedly asked him to take care of his mother before his death, to treat his two brothers and family, remember that Thanksgiving has helped you all". Son of regret for life before going out for a walk with my father "he shouldn’t go! Should not go ah!" Chen Man’s mother Wang Zhongyi has been repeating this sentence. His wife’s sudden"相关的主题文章: