Do you understand English punctuation (video)

Do you understand English punctuation? Think carefully that we haven’t learned the English expression of punctuation, and now share with us how to use English punctuation marks. 1mA 2.period for the comma symbol, symbol period for the 3.dash dash symbols for A – sentence for sentence and the usage of B, pay attention to character on both sides of a space 4.pound wells can be used as symbols for # sometimes numbered meaning, such as "#1" for "number 1", while No.1 is ranked first. 5.slash slash symbol 6.backslash backslash 7.quote double quotes symbol " " 8.apostrophe single quotes symbol ‘9.brackets symbol (including) [] brackets {} * 11.underscore underline the asterisk character symbol is _ 12.hyphen hyphen symbol – usage of word-word, consisting of a word, such as anti-discrimination, on both sides of the character there is no space 13.tilde ~ 14.exclamation point tilde symbol mark symbol 15.question mark exclamation mark! Hello sign? 16.colon sign: 17.semicolon semicolon symbol; 18 Bullet [cn] 19.numerator [cn] symbol · 20.denominator; molecular denominator to treasure dad baby speak English, baby face Meng force相关的主题文章: