Do you know why you buy a used car and buy a new car nibbuns

Rich people buy second-hand car poor to buy a new car why do you know how to evaluate the second-hand car prices often heard which star bought a limited class sports car, which two rich generation and bought a second-hand car racing crashed. And close friends and relatives are worried about second-hand car water is too deep, are not new car not to buy. Why is there so much difference between the rich and the poor in buying a car? 1 why rich people buy second-hand car according to incomplete statistics, the second-hand car market to buy a luxury car is basically all the rich people, in their view, open the vehicle after 1-3 years will be depreciated a lot, if buying a new car, is to spend more money. Might as well buy a used car, or buy a few second-hand luxury car, anyway, others can not see. Every day to open a different luxury car to play, double face. In addition, rich people will think that the car is expendable, not maintain, often change anyway. Buy second-hand car, then you can save more money to invest, to turnover. No need to spend unnecessary money on the new car, especially the two rich generation for racing car, anyway, sooner or later will be destroyed, not to buy second-hand car, if hit is not distressed. 2 why the poor to buy a new car is badly needed for the poor people generally do not choose the used car, most of the poor will choose a new car. Well, because they will feel that buying a car is a lifetime event, if you buy a used car, not only will feel no face, but also feel that someone else drove the car will have a heart. In addition, the poor will think that the used car is a problem car, fault car, if a car well, who will sell it? And to buy a used car, the most worried about is that I do not know whether the car had a car accident, in short, I think it is not auspicious. Therefore, I still think it is more reliable to buy a new car.相关的主题文章: