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Breastfeeding causes sagging breasts? This pot breast milk does not carry on the back! Sohu of maternal pregnancy and lactation period, mothers will find their breast becomes larger and more upright, but the child is weaned, originally plump up breast flat back, even smaller than before pregnancy, ptosis. There is a saying that breast feeding is caused by sagging breasts, or breast feeding milk to feed the empty small. In fact, postpartum breast ptosis with shrinking breastfeeding is really not what relationship, clinical studies have shown that breastfeeding itself does not affect breast shape or size, in life we can also see some really proud mother keep in good shape but also postpartum. First, postpartum breast sagging? During pregnancy, with hormonal changes, two breast development, so pregnant will find your breast bigger, in lactation, breast gland and connective tissue will also cause breast enlargement, plus the mother’s breast milk will accumulate a large number, breast swelling. Therefore, women in pregnancy and early postpartum breast will become more plump. In lactation, breast surface skin is drafting extended breast suspension elastic supporting structure is also reduced, at the same time of lactation after breast gland atrophy, becomes small, sagging, this is a normal phenomenon, can not be avoided. But some mothers because breast-feeding does not pay attention to the protection of the breast, or excessive weight gain during pregnancy and postpartum in a short time without scientific problems such as rapid weight loss, increased breast narrowing and sagging, which could have been avoided. Two, how to avoid sagging breasts? Never mind breastfeeding and breast ptosis, and the breast itself will increase with age and gradually drop, so mothers need not figure because of fear and refused to know breastfeeding, breast milk is the best source of nutrition for babies, and breastfeeding on postpartum body recovery will also help. In order to prevent postpartum breast reduction, sagging serious, we can try their best to help the breast to maintain a better shape. 1 avoid too much weight change in the short term. The changes in the size of the breast fat changes and there is a direct relationship, during pregnancy and childbirth, mothers should consciously control the growth of body weight, the weight gain during pregnancy control within reasonable limits, not because of intense make up pregnant, the result of a sudden weight gain of several pounds. Postpartum weight loss is not the same time, a reasonable diet with the right amount of exercise is good, through the diet and other extreme ways in the short term rapid weight loss will increase breast sagging. 2 proper amount of exercise. During pregnancy, the health of the mothers can choose their own movement, you can choose some help to exercise chest muscle exercise postpartum recovery, such as push ups like. 3 wear underwear. From lactation, mothers should wear a bra, not to choose not to support the convenient feeding wheel or simply do not wear, or because of increased breast sagging weight will be more obvious, especially in the body to walk and exercise a shock, and choose suitable for their own underwear, breast support can also protect the nipple.相关的主题文章: