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Baoyuan million supermarket closed suppliers owed nearly 10 million yuan loan – Beijing, Henan Daily reporter Wu Jun "Baoyuan closed, a lot of our suppliers owed money, do not take phone calls, could not find one, it can do?" Henan Chinese commercial news reporter received a report merchant. Recently, 63 suppliers arrived in Zhengzhou City Bureau of letters and calls. According to statistics, a total of 63 suppliers are Xinmi million Baoyuan supermarket in arrears about 8000000 yuan, every more than 10 thousand to about 700000 yuan. According to suppliers, Baoyuan million is the supermarket in Xinmi, 2011 2013 two store opened, the store opened. Merchants are mostly from the supermarket business began to two stores, but people think that the supermarket is always shut off. In December 7, 2015 two, 000 Baoyuan store officially closed. In September 1st this year, the headquarters closed. Lee said the supplier, he began in 2014 to supply the supermarket drinks, then began to be in arrears in October, from 2014 to March this year, in October, he was owed more than 80 thousand yuan in arrears. Ms. Zhang was Baoyuan million owed 69 thousand yuan. She gave the supermarket supply manual Boiled dumplings and noodles, "two shop closed when I do not know, the night before you go to sell it, closed for second days, did not notice." To the supermarket supply of noodles Ms. Liu is the most of these businesses are owed payment, there are 730 thousand yuan. She is from the supermarket opened in 2011 began to supply until September 1st this year closed. According to statistics, 63 suppliers were owed about 8000000 yuan for Baoyuan million. Merchants who said that this is not all of the list, the supermarket has more than and 200 merchants in arrears, there are no statistics of the more than and 100. In addition to the 63 suppliers to Zhengzhou petition office to discuss that, there are several million Baoyuan employees. Staff Ms. Xu said, her 2015 December salary deducted 500 yuan, the first 4 months of this year’s wages are not made, together, were owed 6500 yuan. "Like me, there are two hundred or three hundred employees in arrears." Ms. Xu said. Another staff Mr. Zhao said that the old employees to the supermarket who beg for wages, it will be dismissed, they hire employees, according to the days of wage settlement, "50 yuan a day, sometimes don’t give." The afternoon of September 29th, the Henan Daily reporter repeatedly call million Baoyuan boss Xu Jianmin phone has no answer, but no reply sms. "In May 23rd this year, the Xinmi Municipal Bureau of Commerce and relevant personnel, Xu Jianmin signed the" repayment guarantee, "said will put all the money on August 23rd, or took platinum million square, Baoyuan, screen peak mall offset results is still not yet." Ms. Zhang said the supplier.相关的主题文章: