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After the car to test the car driver qualification certificate qualification certificate also admitted to Beijing News News (reporter Guo Chao) network about the car driver posts also need to go through the qualification examination, the newly revised "taxi driver qualification regulations" on the parade and taxi network about the car driver qualification identification made clear. Recently, the Ministry of transport announced the newly revised "taxi driver qualification regulations" (order of the Ministry of transport in 2016 sixty-third) and "cruising taxi business service management regulations" (order of the Ministry of transport in 2016 sixty-fourth). Two departments to the development of the industry positioning, division of interest distribution and driver examination, registration, continuing education and other aspects of the adaptive modification. Net about car drivers to take part in the brother qualification examination authorized by the Ministry of transportation of traffic news said, the revised "taxi driver qualification regulations" on the scope of a clear new classification about the qualification of the network driver. In other words, the taxi driver qualification examination, not just for itinerant taxi drivers, the new network about the car industry, the driver also need to pass the qualification examination. "Regulations" requirements, apply for taxi driver qualification examination, shall meet the following conditions: to obtain the corresponding quasi driving type motor vehicle driving license and has more than 3 years of driving experience; no traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving record, no drug use, no drink driving record, the recent 3 consecutive scoring cycle without record of 12 points in the record; no record of violence; other conditions stipulated by the people’s Government of the city. According to the interpretation of the content, these working conditions is the threshold of taxi drivers access, as a taxi driver, whether it is engaged in the parade or network booking service, there is no difference in the terms of the application. Qualification examination to test the content of Columbia human geography and other drivers on the policies and regulations about network driver and car parade of what is the difference? It is understood that the parade of taxi driver qualification of regional test subjects, knowledge test with regional characteristics of local taxi service policies and regulations, the management of regional geography and transportation etc. the. Network booking taxi driver qualification examination of regional subjects, is the local taxi regulations and other laws and regulations with the knowledge of the requirements of the regional test. According to the "Regulations", if the taxi driver, including the network about the car driver, has no qualification certificate or qualification certificate beyond the approved scope of business activities, is likely to face more than 10 thousand yuan to 30 thousand yuan fine. Experts worry that the new regulations to the network development brings about car obstacle long-term concern Zhu Wei of vice director of China University of Political Science and Law Law Center network spread about car policy trends that will net about car driver into the taxi driver qualification examination, will give bring obstacles to the development of network about cars. He said about the new car in the network there is no relevant provisions of the qualification examination of the driver, the car about the staff member to network audit and professional knowledge training on the line, the network about the car driver and tour car driver put in a management framework, "if it is full-time employment, the examination is acceptable however, there are a lot of network about car sharing, these drivers do not need"相关的主题文章: