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A smile is the male master love token – Sohu [home] on watch watch while I do not want to admit, but when "smiled very little" film and television drama version released in the same period, and swept the Internet and the real world, I instantly have a heart of powerlessness, do you think this is to conquer it, cut off all the way to the exit? I have not seen it in the original novel, but from the point of view, I have expected that she would attract a group of girls, and Indoorswoman eye because the male fag hag, is so overbearing president fan, cool, the Curve Wrecker with flowers on a sadomasochistic aura plus body, love and various occasional with grass, think a little heart. Directed at the "lovers play into a couple of" this year, whether drama or movie actress, a handsome one, first half success, and is doomed to encounter pass plus point Korean standard, almost perfect. "A smile is Qingcheng" Male Female Master Sun handsome, gentle and amiable, the two together can instantly K single point dog dog ten thousand. More bizarre is that this novel is not the fate of the main men who, in the online games are evil, in reality it is the same school, even related to the professional game, so congenial, poor live in a building (if you know what I said is a practical joke "kiss" Congratulations, you are old). The TV version of "smile" "very little smiled very Qingcheng" the film version of the actor is Jing Bairan, the heroine is Angelababy, of which there is a person — the national influential man, husband of Wang Sicong. This configuration is very high, but Wang Shaoshuai personally, this film fire is fire, but it is a commercial film, IP rapidly changing times, seize after 90 or even 00 online youth dreams of love is also a success. Jing Bairan Jing Bairan said, well, for a long time I didn’t know who he really is, but this time I distinguish. Then the mature dress couldn’t conceal his handsome young temperament, and by age makeup. He is not after 95 small meat the truth, these are so obvious. I can’t act, also do not understand love online games developed from the reality of love is what kind of, so I can not comment on this play well play is good or bad, all the actors in reducing and shaping the role, but there is no true role, so you can take my heart to contrast and position he played out do you think that role, the role of good or bad. One with Baby from my personal view, because I am not Starchaser, superficial cognition of star only in some of his TV dramas, if he has done some charitable or public, may enjoy some more. Well baby I have seen his debut in 2007, a TV drama "city of love", "33 days", "wind", "catch demon", "Tomb notes". This is often retained in the fusion of the last century in 80s and 90s, Hongkong wind in the hair of 37 points less handsome, or quite a fan of children. In July, "smiled very little" conference, one wearing Jaeger Le Coulter ReversoTribute Duo series dual time zone watch live at the flip)相关的主题文章: