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G20 A shares information overwhelmed the next outlet here is sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu on September 4th ~5, the global capital market into G20 time". Each of the leaders of the participating countries, may have an impact on the market. In the face of a sick world economy, President Xi Jinping’s speech at the G20 summit in Hangzhou, given a series of Chinese declarations. These prescriptions for the world economy out of China, is expected to become the next burst of A share market. 1, continue to promote structural reform, the supply side of 2 major projects to focus on the direction of the first breakthrough in 3, to do 4, capacity planning to continue to promote the RMB to go up 5, the innovative source of economic growth of 6, to revive the trade and investment of two engines, 7 coordinated to achieve joint development of 8 parties undertake to promote the "Paris agreement" as soon as possible the commencement of the 9, five prescriptions to deal with the challenges, continue to promote the supply side structural reforms, a lot of people are concerned about the cooperation, Chinese economy can achieve sustained and stable growth? Can China push forward reform and opening up? Can China avoid falling into the "middle-income trap"? Actions speak louder than words. At the G20 summit in Hangzhou, President Xi stressed that China reform has entered a crucial stage and the deep water area, we will be cut Phoenix courage, determination, courage to surgery accumulated years of stubborn chronic malaria, the courage to touch the deep-seated interests and contradictions, the reform in the end. In the specific measures, the President Xi given measures, will continue to promote the supply side structural reform, solve the current main problems in economic development, improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system by optimizing the allocation and adjustment of industrial structure, stimulate the vitality of the market, promote the coordinated development. We will continue to innovate the system mechanism, breaking the barriers of interest curing, comprehensively promote the rule of law, better market to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources, better play the role of the government. Two, will strive to take the lead in major projects in the direction of the reform of the end of the talk about reform, how to promote the sustainable development of China’s economy? The answer is "innovation driven development strategy". To seize the technological innovation caught the development of bid. President Xi stressed that it will strive to take the lead in major projects, the focus of the first breakthrough, and actively take the lead in the implementation of the international science and engineering projects. What are the major projects and key areas? "13th Five-Year" planning is a reflection of the country’s strategic intentions, "13th Five-Year" planning lists including aircraft engines and gas turbines, deep space station, quantum communication and quantum computers and other 100 major projects. Three, to do capacity plan before the G20, China and the United States respectively to the United Nations with the "Paris agreement" approved documents, which is actually established in China, the climate development mode established world rules. In order to show the world that China’s plans in this regard, Xi stressed that the next five years, the unit GDP water consumption, energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions will drop by 23%, respectively, 15%, 18%. theory相关的主题文章: