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Selling equity, looking for financing: auto finance business projects into the winter Liu Junjing Beijing reported transfer 30%-40% equity, financing 10 million." In a well-known financing website, a Beijing venture project wrote. From the beginning of November last year, so far, the site has more than 10 automotive finance projects need financing, financing the least amount of more than 5 million, up to more than one hundred million. And this is just a microcosm of automotive finance. Automotive finance is one of the most popular automotive aftermarket plate. This year, the field of financing continues to occur. Seen in public reports of automobile financial O2O project first car loan A+ round of financing 217 million yuan; the Internet financial company’s rich 30 million yuan A round of financing; drops travel to inject 1 billion yuan into auto finance, new companies including its excellent car etc.. Auto finance is relatively more profitable than second-hand cars, etc.." Beijing, an investment company told reporters in the middle. At present, many post market entrepreneurs, although the starting point is different, but the auto finance as a source of profit. For example, easy to car rental, melon used cars, cars, etc., some car washing platform, the dealer’s electronic business platform, vertical portal will be the development of automotive finance as a goal. For example, after the car home settled in peace, also announced the development of financial insurance as one of the four plates. Time to push forward a year, the rise in Internet plus boom in 2014, the automobile finance combined with the Internet, has been widely concerned. In the industry, including financial, micro credit network, car loans, car loans, Xinyi goiro net, money nanny, car loan should be easy, insurance, car loans, and other financial dimension C auto finance startups, mostly founded in 2014. Financing in the first half of 2015. The higher these enterprises layout of financial market, second-hand car leasing market, car finance and insurance market profits of auto finance industry, and presents the basic business segments and more obvious trend in the automotive industry for consumer services. But in the second half of 2015, the beginning of the capital of winter, but also to the impact of automotive finance. There are always related to the sound of falling down entrepreneurial projects, and even a number of auto finance business includes P2P car rental business announced the death of the project. With the investment becomes rational, the true prosperity of auto finance will be revealed. Capital tide retreat, naked show. But it is undeniable that as the entire automotive industry chain of the highest profit margins, the field of Automotive Finance and car consumption patterns are still undergoing enormous changes. With the dual driving policies and market rules, China’s auto industry profit pattern of re segmentation, auto finance industry will benefit greatly from." October 14th, in Anting International Automotive Finance Forum, Roland Begg global partner, said Zhang Junyi. Winter spread even car finance, financing difficulty is much larger than before." An unnamed auto finance business executives told the Economic Observer newspaper reporter. In the capital under the cold winter, the beginning of the automotive O2O market after the plight of the market has gradually spread to steam.相关的主题文章: