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Honda crown road listing, large luxury SUV usher in a new dawn? – Sohu automotive Honda’s new large SUV crown road officially listed in Beijing in October 29th. The listing of the new car is equipped with a 2.0T engine and the earth dream, and four wheel drive optional, pushing 5 models, the price of 269 thousand and 800 yuan to 329 thousand and 800 yuan. Guangzhou Honda crown with the family of the latest " DYNAMIC ELEGANCE" design concept, the overall presentation of the popular " X" type, grille and headlights is presented for flying wing structure. The headlights and fog lights, including the lower group by LED as a light source, a strong sense of science and technology. In order to cope with the front of the " generous " design, the rear line of the same horizontal outline. Taillights with open eyes double C type of three-dimensional design, the same source for the entire LED. From the side view, the new car body bold powerful lines, C column shape has obvious downward trend, create slide back effect. Body size, its length and width were 4816× 1942× 1669 mm, wheelbase reached 2820 mm. New interior design in retaining the unique style of Honda, joined a lot of fashion technology elements. Soft material and decorative wood package console with symmetrical design, the middle is suspended a large LCD screen size adjustable angle. In addition, the crown road 2.0T models are also equipped with a key shift mechanism to enhance the technical atmosphere of the car. Three – style multifunction steering wheel changed to the latest Honda family style. The tilt angle of the control screen can be adjusted, which is convenient for the driver to operate. Configuration, the new car is equipped with a key to start the engine, electronic handbrake, seat heating, reversing radar, vehicle stability system utility function. Rear configuration is a major highlight of the crown Road, with automatic rear air conditioning, central armrest entertainment system control panel, rear shade and other comfort and technology configuration. Power, the first listed models will be equipped with 2.0T direct injection turbocharged engine, maximum power of 272 horsepower, maximum torque of 370 cattle · M. In the transmission system, and the 2.0T engine will be matched with a 9 speed automatic transmission. 2017 will also be added to the 1.5T model for consumer choice in March, the price of entry price reduced to 220 thousand.相关的主题文章: