Harbin Dongsheng to go through the snow Township, Changbai Mountain – Six Day Tour rime island touri 特命战队go busters

Harbin Dongsheng township to Changbai Mountain through the snow, the rime Island six tour line – Zhang Licheng – editor of Harbin tourism Sohu Dongsheng yukigaya Xue Xiang – – Changbai Mountain – rime Island 6 tour introduction, mainly introduces the line of traffic, entertainment and consumption. The first day: after Harbin Dongsheng Xuegu self-help tourists arrived in Harbin to Dongsheng Xuegu traffic only from the Harbin car. Harbin Dongsheng Xuegu carpool Harbin central street near the hotel at 6:30 in the morning began to receive visitors of all car drivers {the entrance to the hotel to pick the guests at 12 noon arrived in Dongsheng Xuegu} a one-way 120 people; basically every day only this one time a carpool to dongsheng. {} Dongsheng Xuegu tour must be chartered except Harbin Dongsheng Xuegu 120 consumption to carpool one, Dongsheng boarded one {120 chinensis Hill tickets 40 cm below} Dongsheng accommodation 3-4 free of charge, the world independent bathroom around 150 a room, eat a meal of a normal Dongsheng 30, breakfast 10 yuan. There is a bag of 80 people three meals a day to eat live spell bed bathroom room {}. The above is the self-help tourists to enter the consumer must Xuegu dongsheng. Sekkoku mainly can play: walking through the snow Township, crossing the mountain of Leymus chinensis. Xuegu village in the original village landscape ornamental painting. Entertainment and consumption: Mara slope 80, yukigaya starting to family hotel through the snow Township Road yukigaya station, the entire 4 km, for half an hour. Is generally ready to ride in the morning before going on a ride, for the whole journey to stay a little effort. Sled dogs 40, Dongsheng Village Street ride, 10 minutes long. Skiing is {Dongsheng forest ski, a ski, snow battle from Xuegu accommodation}, went to the farthest 20 minutes, skiing for two hours, 150 people, a coach to one, one hour 150 people. A ski ring {is} tires, tire yourself out of a hill climb 40 a small one. Bargain after pack ice sledge and ski ring together 40 people. Location: Dongsheng Xuegu play area has three, four, walk past are very close. Which consulting Xuegu accommodation shops. Dongsheng Xuegu bleaching is the best in all the land, wear protective clothing, sat a plastic slide along the channel from the top of the hill snow slipped into the valley, the 60 one time is 30 minutes long. Take the place of Xuegu across the hill from the top of Leymus chinensis, Dongsheng teahouse to ride. 150 a snowmobile, take place through yukigaya Xue Xiang Road is divided into three sections, each section is a collection of 150 people. The second day, snow village tour consumption yukigaya Xue Xiang Dongsheng must through 95 tickets a {120 cm below the snow village accommodation free of charge}, 3-4 the world about 280 room, eat a meal Xue Xiang normal 30-50, breakfast 10 yuan. The above is to go through the snow after the rural consumption. Xue Xiang entertainment Mara slope 80 people, and play an hour. Snow mountain scenic spots from the town near the car park ride 3 kilometers away. Sled dogs 60, snow.相关的主题文章: