After 90’s first talk about the new owners of Huatai Santa Fe car experience 申威1600

The owner of 90’s first talk about the new car experience 90 Huatai Santa Fe new owner’s first talk about the new car experience now Huatai Santa Fe, 80 90 groups have gradually become the backbone of society, the change of consumption structure leads to the population, consumption habits, consumption concept different. Throughout the current car market to catch up with the SUV sedan, has become A new force suddenly rises., the popular models of a new generation of young consumer groups competing sought after. As the earliest launch SUV models of the enterprise, Huatai Automobile recently to continue in Guizhou, Qingdao, Ji’nan, Shijiazhuang, Heze, Yinchuan and other places to carry out car tour activities, although the weather is hot, record is fruitful, the intention to reach nearly million Taiwan orders. At the same time, according to Car Buying users, Huatai Automobile also carried out in-depth visit activities, from Guangxi Nanning Chen, had the honor to become the first 90 new owners visit Huatai Santa fe.   "the first glance is of high value to attract Yan Chen is a typical 90, always want to shorten the car commuting distance to the weekend time, can also bring a new wife to travel by car, improve the quality of life. Since the beginning of the year, Mr. Chen has been concerned about the price of promotional information of the major car companies, hoping to buy a 100 thousand yuan less than the economic benefits and power of SUV models. Not long ago, Mr. Chen accidentally in large Nanning Auto Expo saw the new Santa Fe, "the first thing I saw this car, the appearance is very handsome, the space is large and spacious, the overall feeling is very comfortable, let me the yen value control fell in love with him" Mr. Chen said. When asked that the new Huatai Santa Fe is launched Jiangju policy officer, officer down 10000 yuan, according to the national tax collocation of small displacement vehicles by preferential policies and Thailand more than 9000 spare parts price down preferential policy, with the final price of less than 100 thousand yuan, the start. "For me, the work has just started the family wedding, the new Santa Fe appropriate." Mr. Chen said happily.   dynamic driving experience driving pleasure with a new car, Mr. Chen’s life trajectory has changed completely, the attitude towards life has changed. The usual bus commute time to an hour, now have a car for twenty or thirty minutes to the company. Mr. Chen said: "the car gave me the greatest experience is spacious and comfortable and easy to operate, while driving hand for many years, but the real drive is the first time, did not expect to easily manage." not only that Mr. Chen said: "the Nanning urban road are not too easy, every trip back to the old home will be a headache, and since the car all is not a problem". In addition, the car in the high-end configuration can not be underestimated, multifunctional leather steering wheel, wing luxury intelligent control, AWD intelligent tire pressure monitoring system, ESP+TCS stability control system, 360° panorama parking assist system, keyless entry and comfort system, a key to start the system mainstream configuration, everything, to create a full range of comfortable ride enjoyment.   "first insurance without consumption, enjoy long warranty".相关的主题文章: