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During the 250 thousand Chinese Golden Week travel to Korea for Jeju Island visa to Jeju Island flights – Sohu news Chinese visual data 2016 "eleven" golden week, China tourists to Korea tourism is particularly popular, there are about 250 thousand people to Korea consumption more than 3 billion 600 million yuan. However, according to media reports, golden week hundreds of tourists at the airport "Chinese blocked entry", was "the little black house". Surging news () reporter learned from the tourism industry, despite the Jeju Island visa to Chinese citizens, but does not mean that the 100% entry visa does not guarantee. Such as free travel guests can only enjoy free flights to Jeju to enjoy free treatment, free transfer will be refused entry. The China team tourists transfer tourists visa free project "although the provisions of the part of the airport transit visa to enter Jeju, but need to be reported in advance, after approval by the local effect, the entry will also check. Jeju Island tourist visa Chinese 15 years accounted for 99% of the surging news reporter learned that, since the implementation of the "ticket + white passport entry of China tourists in Jeju Island is one of the most popular tourist destination Chinese. According to Yonhap news agency, "eleven" during the golden week, there are about 250 thousand domestic tourists to Korea tourism, the amount of consumption of more than 600 billion won (equivalent to 3 billion 600 million yuan). Ctrip said, golden week by the number of the platform a variety of holiday products for travel to South Korea grew more than 30 thousand people, including Seoul and Jeju Island, the most popular, there are about 13 visitors to Korea to Jeju Island. Starting from the point of view, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Dalian tourists keen to travel in South korea. China is the largest source of tourists in Jeju Island. Public information, as of the end of 2016 8, that is, the implementation of the Jeju Island visa free entry system for 15 years, a total of nearly 2 million 980 thousand people to visit Jeju Island, which accounted for about 99% Chinese people, about. In September 8, 2016, South Korea’s Cultural Tourism Research Institute released the first half of 2016, China tourists in Korea a total credit card spending amounted to 43293 billion won (about RMB 26 billion 430 million), accounting for all foreign tourists in Korea credit card consumption amount 63%. "Visa free" is not equal to immigration security, according to media reports, Mr. Zhang and his wife, Nanjing tourists ordered the Jeju Island 4 nights 5 day tour plan to go to the so-called romantic Jeju island resort. But in the successful landing, will enter South Korea, but no paper inspection staff to the hotel orders "as an excuse to question its travel to Jeju Island’s motives, immediately confiscated the passport and return ticket, and the two couples in the" black house "in the airport. According to statistics, during the National Day golden week with Mr. Zhang have the same experience of hundreds of tourists. Previously, Mr. Guo for the Jeju Island to South Korea five day tour as his wife and mother, October 2nd arrived in South Korea Daegu International Airport, with two people without the leader, and do not hold to the flight ticket stub, South Korea was identified as individual travelers and non group travelers, were detained in the dark room "24 hours after repatriation..相关的主题文章: