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15 insurance institutions to wait for the landing of three new board has been listed on the list of insurance companies trading light Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Although the transaction is deserted, but the industry believes that the new board of the small and medium-sized insurance agencies still have important significance in reporter Leng Cuihua at present, distance CIRC issued "on the insurance company in the National SME share transfer system listed notice related matters" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice") has been more than 1 months time, statistics show that as of at present, there are 13 insurance companies have been listed on the new board, at the same time, there are 15 bodies have been proposed listing application, is currently in the review process, the insurance agency has batch landing three new board. The industry believes that, under the encouragement of the policy, there will be more insurance institutions landed three new board, although the overall turnover is not active, but the new board of the small and medium-sized insurance institutions to improve corporate governance, improve the company value discovery mechanism and other aspects of positive significance. Insurance intermediaries active board has been listed in the new board and is currently under review of the situation of the insurance agency, the number of insurance intermediaries significantly more than insurance companies. The reporter statistics found that the insurance agency has been listed on the new board including 11 insurance intermediary companies and 2 insurance companies, insurance agencies are audit includes 14 insurance intermediary companies and 1 insurance companies, intermediary companies including insurance brokers, insurance assessment companies, insurance sales company in 3, and the insurance agency company 5. A non bank brokerage analyst in an interview with reporters, said the three new board is the price of insurance institutions found in place to facilitate financing, but also facilitate the flow of equity. In recent years, there is no small or medium sized insurance companies listed on the main board or gem, landing three new board is a good choice." The analyst said that after landing three new board in the financing function and the transfer of equity has operating space. In fact, the insurance agencies are trying to carry out financing activities with three new board platform. August, the listing of three new board of the first set of Prudential insurance issued by the program, to be issued not more than 1 billion shares (including 1 billion shares) of ordinary shares, to raise funds not more than RMB 3 billion yuan. The company said that the proceeds will be used to supplement the company’s capital after deducting the cost of the issue, in order to meet the company’s future business development and solvency adequacy requirements. At the beginning of September, ushered in the first transaction of listed insurance is nearly 1 months since the new board, to achieve zero breakthrough. The average transaction price of 8.75 yuan shares, turnover of 2000 shares. This is the first transaction have landed three new board insurance company. A number of insurance companies are actively applying for or plan to apply for listing. Listed three new board has become an important way for small and medium insurance companies to enter the capital market, improve the market capital replenishment mechanism, improve corporate governance." CIRC pointed out in the above notice. Despite the difficulty of short-term trading activity in the new three board listing and the insurance agency is being reviewed a lot, but with the enthusiasm of the board on the contrary相关的主题文章: